Third Workshop: Strengthening Capacities of World Heritage Professionals in the Arab Region for Cultural and Mixed sites

ARC-WH and ICOMOS International will be organising the third version of the advanced workshop Strengthening Capacities of World Heritage Professionals in the Arab Region for Cultural and Mixed site on 7, 8, 10 December 2020The course will be held online due to the social distancing restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online capacity building course will be attended by 16 heritage professionals that participated in the previous training courses. The first course (English version) was organised in 2018 and was held in Manama, Bahrain, while the second (French version) was in 2019 and took place in Rabat, Morocco. The third workshop will closely examine the details of the technicalities of the World Heritage Convention, along with its concepts and mechanisms.

One of the main purposes of this workshop is to strengthen the capacities of heritage professionals in the Arab region by providing a greater understanding of technical expertise in the field of World Heritage. This enhanced capacity of regional heritage experts will contribute to the protection and conservation of World Heritage properties and sites of potential Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) in the Arab Region.

The course also aims at reinforcing the network of World Heritage professionals created within this cooperation programme between ICOMOS and ARC-WH. It will assist regional and international stakeholders in the implementation of the Convention in the Arab region.

Moreover, this workshop will provide a shared platform of exchange in training and knowledge skills between cultural and natural heritage professional to promote synergies between the two categories. A final objective of this course is to increase the participation of regional professionals in evaluation, advisory, or monitoring missions implemented in the field of World Heritage.