What We Do

Protecting the Heritage of the Arab Region

ARC-WH works closely with World Heritage Center and the advisory bodies to reinforce the implementation of the 1972 World Heritage Convention in the Arab States.


ARC-WH is concerned enhancing the conservation of the cultural and natural heritage in the Arab States through a range programmes and activities. Including capacity building and technical support.


ARCWH provides access to information and knowledge that governments, professionals, institutions and decision-makers need to protect World Heritage sites, and works to improve how heritage sites are identified, selected, and proposed for inscription on the World Heritage List.

Responding to Challenges

ARC-WH joins the leading organisations in the debate on how to effectively respond to conservation and development challenges in and around World Heritage properties. This includes driving support for the safeguarding of properties on the World Heritage List in Danger and enhancing the capacity of Member States in emergency preparedness and disaster risk reduction.

Capacity Building

ARC-WH is focused on building the regions’ capacity in the field of conservation and management of World Heritage Sites Convention in the Arab States, delivering a host of activities that support this development

Technical Assistance

ARC-WH provides technical assistance to ensure that the Arab State Parties are provided with the necessary resources, knowledge, and skills to preserve, protect and manage the cultural and natural World Heritage sites.

Awareness & Education

ARC-WH strives to increase public awareness and education about cultural and natural World Heritage. A series of initiatives, including youth outreach and educational programmes encourage participation and public understanding regarding the importance of maintaining World Heritage. ARC-WH is establishing links with local universities to provide students with opportunities to acquire extensive knowledge and practical skills in the protection and management of heritage sites.

Publications and Research

ARC-WH aims at documenting and providing information, translations, case studies, resources, educational tools, brochures, and data to raise public awareness and enhance States Parties’ capacities. The World Heritage List has grown significantly since 1972, necessitating guidance for States Parties. In the Arab States, the Periodic Reporting has identified the need for targeted research and capacity development in specific areas. This need is addressed by publications and resources produced by ARC-WH.