Conclusion of the online training sessions for the short film competition “My Heritage”

The Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (ARC-WH) and the Heritage Commission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia concluded the online training sessions for the short film competition My Heritage on 20 June 2023. 

During the online training sessions, which were led by the film director Danya Al-Hamrani, co-founder of Eggdancer Film Productions, participants were introduced to aspects of filming with smartphones, as well as the key concepts of creating short films in order to prepare them for producing their own short films for the competition. 

ARC-WH received a total number of 170 applicants from 18 countries in the Arab region, with a total number of 310 participants. The highest number of applicants received came from Egypt (78 applications), followed by Yemen (42 applications).  The applicants’ ages ranged from 18 to 30.  

Participants selected various World Heritage sites to showcase from the Arab region, with a total of 53 sites out of the 90 World Heritage sites found in the Arab region. 

This year marks the second edition of this competition, which is being organized in collaboration with the heritage commission in Saudi Arabia. The first edition of the competition was launched by ARC-WH in 2022 as a means of youth outreach to encourage young Arabs to learn and produce a creative narrative about their desired World Heritage site. 

The winners of this edition of the competition will collaborate with each other to produce a film about a World Heritage site in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to screening their winning films at an event which will take place in Al Ahsa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.