World Environment Day 2021

The Arab Regional Center for World Heritage is implementing ambitious projects to explore the natural treasures of the Hawar Islands, located on the southeast coast of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Hawar Islands boast unique natural heritage assets unmatched by any of the world’s similar ecosystems. They were formed thanks to a rare harmony between the beauty of nature and its harsh climatic conditions. These islands are surrounded by shallow waters with extreme temperatures and salinity values unparalleled in the world’s seas and oceans. Despite their small geographical area, the Hawar Islands are rich with a remarkable natural diversity of coastal and marine habitats and species. In addition to rare species of birds (such as sooty falcons and fish eagles), Hawar Islands provide food and shelter for one of the largest colonies of Socotra cormorant in the world. Likewise, the mulch of marine weeds surrounding these islands hosts dugong concentrations that are the largest and most dense in the world, forming a unique natural phenomenon that still baffles scientists. The Hawar Islands are a natural icon still waiting to see the mystery of its unique treasures demystified.