Within the training workshop “Digital Documentation of Inscriptions: The Arabic Letter from Inscription to Digitization” at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina ARC-WH sheds light on ways to protect Arab rock art sites from the effects of climate change

Dr. Heba Aziz, director of the Arab Regional Center for World Heritage (ARC-WH) and professor of the UNESCO Chair for World Heritage Management and Sustainable Tourism in the Arab Region at the German University of Technology in Oman, gave a lecture entitled “World Heritage Sites and Climate Change” at the Line Studies Center in the Academic Research Sector of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It was held on Tuesday, 16 May 2023, at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina headquarters.

The lecture dealt with the role of ARC-WH and what the Centre is currently doing to mitigate the effects of climate change faced by World Heritage sites. The lecture also focused on the Center’s role in documenting heritage and digital documentation of sites and promoting them.

Moreover, the lecture touched upon World Heritage sites across the globe and in the Arab region. Dr Heba referred to climate change and its impact on World Heritage sites in the Arab States region and highlighted rock art sites in particular.

The lecture also focused on the potential damages of climate change to heritage and ways to mitigate and adapt to these effects. It addressed the role of governments, stakeholders and local communities in harnessing knowledge, including traditional systems, efforts for protection and conservation, and what can be done in the future.

On the sidelines of the lecture, Dr. Heba Aziz met with Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Zayed, director of the Library of Alexandria, where she discussed ways to strengthen cooperation between the Centre and the Library.