The Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage and the World Heritage Leadership Program organises a regional meeting to strengthen Heritage sites in the Arab World in the face of challenges

On 24 October 2022, the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (ARC-WH), in cooperation with the ICCROM-IUCN World Heritage Leadership Program (WHLP), organised an online follow-up meeting to strengthen the capacities of heritage specialists by supporting them to develop risk management actions for their heritage sites.

In July 2022, ARC-WH and WHLP organized a joint regional course on Capacity Building on Risk Management in the Arab region, inviting a group of heritage specialists and managers of World Heritage sites from the Arab region to help strengthen heritage sites and their surrounding local communities by managing the risks of many factors, such as climate change.

The follow-up meeting held in October reinforced the positive results achieved during the course in July, which included providing a platform to exchange knowledge and experiences, improve risk management plans in heritage sites and create action plans that can be implemented on their sites based on the risks they face as an essential element in effective management of heritage sites.

The meeting held in October forms part of an integrated programme aimed at assisting Arab experts in developing risk management methods for their heritage sites. During November and December, interested participants will attend three sessions, followed by an advanced follow-up workshop that will take place between January and February 2023.

The experts will be able to showcase their projects and activities proposed for their World Heritage sites and identify possibilities for providing support for their implementation. At the end of the programme, which will be examined during the workshops, the participants will have the opportunity to present their works on the PANORAMA Nature-Culture platform between March and April 2023.