Marine World Heritage Expert meeting

ARC-WH attended the Marine World Heritage Experts Meeting for Sanganeb Marine National Park and Dungonab Bay – Mukkawar Island Marine National Park, organized by the Marine World Heritage Programme of the World Heritage Centre, in collaboration with the UNESCO Office in Khartoum and the Sudanese National Commission for Education, Science and Culture, in Port Sudan, Sudan.

The meeting, which took place from 9 to 12 October 2018, aimed at enhancing the capacities of locals and federal authorities through the exchange of ideas to assist in the development and implementation of management of the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV).

ARC-WH provided support for the authorities responsible for the review of the integrated management plan (2018-2023) and has also agreed to facilitate the translation of the management plan into Arabic.

The use of traditional knowledge and sustainable practices, such as fishing, used by locals was a key component to the management of natural resources of the World Heritage site and needed to be integrated into the management plan.