Ghuba Mangroves Restoration Project on Socotra

ARC-WH, in collaboration with Friends of Soqotra (FoS) and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) of Socotra, Republic of Yemen, concluded Phase I of the “Ghuba Mangroves Restoration Project on Socotra” in 2019 The project was co-founded by FoS and implemented by the local Socotri NGO, Al Tamek Association for Mangrove Restoration, in collaboration with ARC-WH’s Socotra Projects Officer.  The project has been successfully progressing in partnership with the local Al Tamek Association for Protecting the Mangrove Tree and the Yemen Environment Protection Authority (EPA) It is in its final stage of completion.  Mangroves represent a vital element of coastal and marine ecosystems, as they provide numerous ecosystem benefits In regard to the environment, apart from being an essential habitat for species such as the Socotra Warbler and other birds, crustaceans, and reptiles, trees also play a crucial role in coastal erosion prevention and are considered carbon sinks – thus key components contributing to climate change mitigation.  In regard to the local communities, especially those living in coastal areas, mangroves have traditionally been a regular part of their living environment They play an essential role in their daily lives as valuable materials for building, fire-making, and grazing Mangrove stands have declined for several reasons ranging from human to natural factors Due to the destructive effects of climate change and cyclones that struck the island in 2015 and 2018, mangroves have drastically decreased.  Furthermore, overgrazing and extensive logging have also taken their toll, and further loss of mangroves leads to increased coastal erosion.  In light of these challenges, the restoration project aimed at restoring and rehabilitating the lost mangrove ecosystem in a pilot plot in the bay of the Ghuba village on the north coast of Socotra to support the mitigation and minimisation of coastal erosion, as well as enhancing the wellbeing of the local community. 


Aug 18 2018 - Jan 30 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Socotra Archipelago
Aug 2018
Jan 2019
08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Socotra Archipelago