Regional Workshop on Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage Sites in the Arab Region

The Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (ARC-WH) and the International Centre for the Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage Sites (WHIPIC) are looking for 20 Heritage site managers and practitioners to join a regional capacity building workshop on Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage in the Arab Region. The workshop will take place at the headquarter of ARC-WH in Manama, Bahrain from 28 to 30 April 2024.


Context of the workshop

The interpretation and presentation of Heritage sites involves the methods and techniques of effectively communicating the values and significance of a Heritage site to different target audiences. Heritage possesses different sets of values and can hold different meanings that vary according to its context. In order for a property to be inscribed on the World Heritage list, it must be recognized for its Outstanding Universal Value (OUV). Other Important Values that were not included in the OUV also become significant. World heritage interpretation and presentation therefore refers to the set of processes and methods used to convey the OUV and other values sharing knowledge and information among different stakeholders to enhance their understanding of World heritage sites. Interpretation and presentation are integral to the conservation and management of World Heritage sites. These processes play a vital role in enhancing awareness, knowledge and understanding of heritage. Furthermore, they help foster appreciation and promote stewardship of cultural and natural heritage. Helping within the overall processes of sustainable tourism, to support the protection of these important sites of humanity for current and future generations.

One of the priorities identified as a result of the Third Cycle of the Periodic Reporting exercise in the Arab States (2018-2019) is to ensure the sustainable management of World Heritage sites in the Arab region. In order to achieve this, it is essential to strengthen the capacities of key stakeholders in developing sustainable tourism policies, strategies and plans, including for presentation and interpretation, through participatory approaches and the engagement of local communities in all activities concerning the protection, conservation and promotion of World Heritage.

In this regard, the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (ARC-WH), in partnership with the International Centre for the Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage Sites (WHIPIC), is organizing a Regional Workshop on World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation in the Arab region, to enhance professionals’ knowledge and skills for developing effective interpretation and presentation of World Heritage sites in the Arab region.


Objectives of the workshop

• Provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the interpretation and presentation of World Heritage sites, emphasizing its role in the sustainable conservation and

management of these sites;

• Facilitate participants’ comprehension and assessment of values attributed to their heritage sites;

• Identify key issues related to the interpretation and presentation of World Heritage in the Arab region;

• Enhance the representation and promotion of World Heritage sites in the Arab region, ensuring their visibility and recognition.


Who can apply?

The workshop is designed for a maximum of 20 participants from the Arab Region. Applicants should be able to operate in both English and Arabic. The selection process will prioritize individuals fitting to one or more of the following criteria:

• Heritage practitioners, site managers, Focal Points, and heritage tour guides or other areas relevant to World Heritage;

• Be fluent in English;

• Be motivated, active and interested in engaging in the field of interpretation and presentation of World Heritage.

The selection of the participants will be made to prioritize a balanced representation of 19 countries of the Arab Region.


Workshop cost and scholarships

Participation in the workshop for selected participants is free of charge.

Participants are required to cover their return flight to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Transportation from the hotel to and from the workshop venue and site visits, accommodation and lunch meals will be covered by ARC-WH.

To facilitate the participation of a diverse group of professionals, ARC-WH will offer a limited number of scholarships for participants applying from countries with low-income economies and conflict areas.  Applicants are requested to indicate their sponsorship request to the following email ([email protected]) before 27 February 2024. The organizers will review the sponsorship request.


How to apply for this workshop

The online application is to be submitted in English to ARC-WH. To complete your application, you are required to upload the following items:

• Complete application form;

• A passport-size photo or similar;

• Your professional curriculum vitae (in English or Arabic; maximum two pages);

• A copy of passport (valid for six months from workshop start date)

• A brief personal statement explaining your involvement with (World) Heritage and describing and your expectations for the workshop.






Fév 27 - 29 2024


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Février 2024
Février 2024
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM