The Arab Regional for World Centre hosts information session concerning the Third Cycle of the Periodic Reporting in the Arab States

During the 42nd Session of the World Heritage Committee, the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage hosted a meeting that was attended by the Arab States who have ratified the 1972 World Heritage Convention. The meeting was also attended by Ms. Nada Al Hassan, Chief of the Arab States Unit at the World Heritage Centre, and a number of Arab Ambassadors to UNESCO on 1 July 2018.

The meeting discussed the latest developments of the Periodic Reports’ Questionnaire administered by the World Heritage Centre that provides an overall assessment of the implementation of the World Heritage Convention and of state of conservation as well as of management of the 84 World Heritage sites located in the Arab region,

Periodic Reporting is at the forefront of conservation monitoring mechanisms of the World Heritage Convention. Once Regional Reports are examined by the World Heritage Committee, Action Plans are then prepared, thereby providing strategies and goals that can be implemented by the Member States Parties to increase conservation efforts.

Every six years, States Parties are asked to contribute to the Periodic Reporting exercise of their region.  The Outcomes and main findings are examined by the World Heritage Committee and recommendations are then communicated.  The world is divided in five regions: Arab States, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific, Latin American and the Caribbean, and Europe and North America.

Out of the 84 properties inscribed on the World Heritage List, 22 are on the List of World Heritage In Danger. Periodic Reporting is essential in the conservation and management of each region’s sites.

Periodic reports on the first and second cyle of the Arab States can be found by following this link:…