Regional workshop on the preparation of management plans for Cultural World Heritage sites

ARC-WH and the National Institute of Heritage (INP) in Tunisia will be organising a capacity-building workshop from 1- 4 October in the capital Tunis, with the main objective of assisting heritage professionals from Maghreb countries in preparing management plans and mechanisms for cultural World Heritage sites. The workshop will focus on the principles of values-based approaches, governance and management for World Heritage sites, with a particular focus on urban and archaeological heritage, which is considered to be the most represented typologies on the World Heritage List in the Arab region.

The main World Heritage Convention principals and concepts will be approached from a management perspective in order to facilitate the participants’ understanding to improve management effectiveness and skills.

Participants will be tasked with presenting various case studies of sites they are responsible for in order to become more familiarized with key concepts related to the management of World Heritage sites. This approach will ensure a comprehensive understanding of management systems and mechanism of complex concepts of conservation by utilizing their own knowledge and experiences in a more practical and relatable way. With these tailored management systems, both ARC-WH and INP hope to create a network of heritage professional based in the Maghreb countries to benefit the development of World Heritage site management systems and improve the implementation of the World Heritage Convention on a regional scale.