ARC-WH conducts mission to Old Walled City of Shibam to supervise the implementation of its ALIPH project partnerships


The Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage was on a mission to the World Heritage site of the Old Walled City of Shibam in the Republic of Yemen in order to assess the completion of its first fruitful partnership project with ALIPH and GOPHCY-Shibam, which generously funded the emergency restoration of 18 damaged historic buildings.

The project implementation was facilitated by engaging two crucial local associations focusing on mud architecture and traditional handicrafts, which implemented the traditional hands-on restoration of the earthen buildings and woodworks. Therefore, throughout the entire project, only traditional local techniques were used that the local craftsmen have inherited from their ancestors over centuries in order to ensure that the authenticity and integrity of the World Heritage attributes are safeguarded. All buildings received replastering with mud and lime while also filling significant cracks in the walls and roofs in order to prevent the entering of water which drastically impairs the structural stability of the historic buildings, which are homes to many families.

While on the mission, ARC-WH had the chance to meet with the local stakeholders and assess the work's implementation on the ground.

In total, the resonance of the local entities and community was very positive, appreciating the efficient and effective manner in which the project was implemented on the ground.

The visit was also a starting point for the second ALIPH project partnership, which focuses on the Rehabilitation of the Old Market in the heart of the World Heritage property.