An online workshop for the draft nomination proposal for the site of the Fortifications of the City of Wahran


From 22 to 31 March 2021, ARC-WH, in close collaboration with the Algerian Ministry of Culture and Arts, will be organising an online capacity-building workshop via Zoom on the project proposal of the site of the Fortification of the City of Wahran, Algeria. The online workshop will be attended by several heritage professionals and civil society representatives from Algeria, together with a group of international experts.

The workshop will address the main mechanisms and concepts of the World Heritage Convention with a focus on the formulation of Tentative Lists and the upstream process and nominating a property on the World Heritage List. The participants will be introduced to the main concepts of the Nomination process, the concept of Outstanding Universal Value (OUV), as well as the requirements for integrity, authenticity and management of the site, which will be applied to the Fortification of Wahran.

Since the Fortification of Wahran is located in a large urban area, participants will be given an overview of the approach carried out by the Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) in order to identify the urban issues of this site and the opportunities and challenges presented in the area.

The workshop will aim to identify the site's potential cultural values, which could be of international and exceptional importance, to formulate a draft Tentative List of the site and submit it to UNESCO.

ARC-WH and the Algerian Ministry of Culture and Arts will be accompanied by resource persons and consultants with experience in World Heritage concepts, state of conservation, reactive monitoring missions, and the head of culture to the UNESCO Office in Rabat, Morocco.

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