Ce que nous faisons

The preservation and protection of cultural and natural World Heritage sites are at the forefront of ARC-WH’s mandate and mission.

To ensure that all efforts towards the safeguarding of the region’s heritage are undertaken, ARC-WH provides a number of programmes and services that facilitate conservation efforts and knowledge.

  1. Improving how properties are identified, selected and proposed for inscription on the World Heritage List in order to ensure that this List is credible and representative of the Arab region’s heritage.
  2. Strengthening policy, legal and institutional frameworks for effective protection and management of heritage resources.
  3. Promoting good governance and inspiring action to effectively manage World Heritage properties.
  4. Leading the regional debate on how to provide responses to conservation and development challenges in and around World Heritage properties.
  5. Catalyzing support for safeguarding properties on the World Heritage List in Danger and enhance capacity of State Parties in emergency preparedness and disaster risk reduction.
  6. Enhancing access to the information and knowledge that professionals, institutions and decision –makers need to better protect Worl Heritage

Activities and Programs

Capacity Building

Capacity building is the backbone of ARC-WH’s mission to strengthen the implementation of the World Heritage Convention in the Arab States. With a mandate to work on both cultural and natural World Heritage, ARC-WH is one of the main providers of capacity building activities in the Arab region.

Technical Assistance

Providing technical assistance to the Arab States Parties is a vital component of the work carried out by ARC-WH to ensure that the Arab State Parties are provided with the necessary resources, knowledge and skills for the preservation and management of cultural and natural World Heritage sites.

Awareness and Education

To increase awareness and educate the public about cultural and natural World Heritage, ARC-WH will be launching a series of initiatives such as youth-based programmes and educational programmes designed to increase public participation and knowledge regarding the importance of maintaining World Heritage. ARC-WH aims at creating integral links with local universities and undergraduate students to give them the opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge and practical skills in the protection and management of sites.

Publication and Research

One method of conservation is increasing overall awareness of World Heritage through channels of communication and provision of knowledge.

ARC-WH aims at documenting and providing information, case studies, resources, educational tools, brochures and data to raise public awareness and enhance States Parties’ capacities.