Contributing to the rehabilitation of Beirut’s cultural heritage

In support of the recovery and rehabilitation of Beirut’s cultural heritage damaged from the blast that occurred in early August, ARC-WH has been in close contact with UNESCO and other international organisation, as well as the Directorate General of Antiquities in the Ministry of Culture of Lebanon since the day following the blast. ARC-WH has pledged financial support for contributing to secure the National Museum of Beirut together with technical assistance and committed its expertise in the field of urban heritage recovery towards the rehabilitation of the historic core of Beirut severely damaged by the explosion. ARC-WH took part in two international coordination meetings organised by UNESCO to address the recovery of Beirut, and how the international community can help in safeguarding its cultural heritage.

ARC-WH is committed to working with UNESCO and all stakeholders in the spirit of solidarity towards the safeguarding and recovery of Beirut’s cultural heritage.