The World Heritage Nomination of The Ahwar of Southern Iraq: Refuge of Biodiversity and Relict Landscape of the Mesopotamian Cities


The ARC-WH prepared and presented the report documenting the nomination process to serve as a record of experience and lessons learned on the methodology for national capacity development in the preparation of mixed nominations, particularly in the Arab region where mixed properties remain largely underrepresented. Such documentation is foreseen to benefit Iraq and the Arab Region (at the least) in the preparation of new nominations and the drawing from the lessons learned from this extensive knowledge-based experience.

This report particularly documents:

-The national vision behind the adoption of an extensive training and capacity development scheme based on the World Heritage Programme;

- The stages of the nomination from its early inception in 2003 when the property was first included in Iraq’s Tentative List until its successful completion in January 2014;

-The background, rationale and mechanisms for the UNEP-UNESCO collaboration in support of the nomination preparation;

- The mechanisms and nature of the upstream advisory role provided by the Advisory Bodies and the WHC;

-The set-up put in place to prepare the nomination dossier under national leadership;

-The level and nature of involvement of external experts;

-The development and implementation of a capacity-building methodology;

-The challenges faced collectively and by the different parties involved;


-The lessons learned throughout the process.






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