Recommendations from Bahrain Europe Environment Week

Under the Patronage of the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) the Embassies of Germany, ‎Italy ‎and France and the British Council in collaboration with the Arab Regional Centre for World ‎Heritage ‎‎(ARC-WH) held the Bahrain Europe Environment Week (BEEW) at the Arab Regional Centre for World ‎Heritage in ‎Manama on ‎25-28 ‎May 2015. ‎

This event is part of the ongoing global debate about challenges of ‎climate change. In December 2015, ‎France will host and preside at the 21st Session of the ‎Conference of the Parties to the ‎United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ‎‎(COP21/CMP11), otherwise known as ‎‎“Paris 2015”.‎

COP21 will be a crucial conference as it seeks to achieve a new international agreement on ‎climate, ‎which will be applicable to all countries. The conference is expected to play a major role in ‎ensuring ‎convergence of differing points of view and consensus among nations around ways to ‎address the ‎global challenges of climate change. ‎

The programme of workshops and seminars held during Bahrain Europe ‎Environment Week has been ‎designed to address the issue of sustainable development and climate ‎change in light of the Post-2015 ‎Development Agenda.‎

During the week experts and delegates from Bahrain and Europe discussed the measures and ‎actions ‎that need to be implemented in order to overturn the current situation. In particular, they discussed ‎how new ‎technologies and renewable energy sources contribute to sustainable ‎development to ‎capacity building, and technology-transfer solutions. ‎


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