Annual Report 2014

Since the Regional Centre launched its activities in 2012, it strongly believed in the importance of preserving and promoting heritage in the Arab region. ARC-WH Joined the international community in advocating the essential role of both Cultural and Natural Heritage in promoting sustainable development.

We are convinced that heritage generates several benefits for individuals, communities and cultures. Both Cultural and Natural Heritage sites has the potential to produce tremendous economic benefits through tourism and related employment opportunities. It also provides numerous intangible benefits, for instance it reinforces the sense of identity and belonging to a community, region or nation. It can also strengthen social cohesion, dialogue and amity in areas stricken by civil conflict or natural disasters, heritage serves to improve reconciliation and restoration.

Additionally traditional knowledge systems that make up our intangible or living heritage can serve as vehicles for environmental sustainability. Culture is a vibrant force that provides great spiritual enrichment. It is precisely because of its numerous benefits that culture, and specifically cultural heritage, can play a significant role in ensuring sustainable economic, social and human development.


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