Advisory Committe Second Meeting

The Advisory Committee (AC) of the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (ARCWH), ‎a ‎body of ‎‎7 ‎independent experts, held its second meeting on Jan. 31, 2015. ‎
AC Members serve in a personal ‎capacity and not as representatives of Member ‎States. ‎Ridha ‎Fraoua Presided over the session ‎held at ARCWH Headquarters in Manama, ‎Bahrain. ‎
‎ AC members monitored the actual programme status and processes against ‎what ‎was ‎planned according to the Centre strategy. They then advanced to the ‎Centre a ‎number of ‎recommendations on the planning and implementation of the Programme ‎as a ‎whole.‎
The center strategy pinpoint three priority areas of intervention consistent with WHC 5c’s. ‎
The first priority area is dedicated to the protection of endangered world heritage in the ‎Arab ‎region. The second priority area includes actions to address shortcomings and imbalances ‎of ‎the World Heritage List and getting a better coverage of natural sites.‎ The third area ‎concerns ‎capacity building and includes training and technical assistance.‎
‎The Advisory ‎Committee, in considering the current situation of the programme, praised ‎the ‎Centre for the activities and  initiatives aimed at addressing the challenges facing ‎world ‎heritage in the Arab region.‎
Furthermore, the Advisory Board recommend the centre to:‎
A) highlight  the ‎programme ‎impact according to the main strategic orientations of ‎the ‎Centre,‎
B) improve the networking of the Centre at the local, regional and international level,‎
‎C) to  enhance actions aiming at more integration  between natural and cultural heritage,‎
D) to raise awareness at the local and regional level,  in particular  towards decision makers .  ‎
The recommendations of the Advisory Committee will be submitted to ‎the ‎Governing ‎Board ‎of ‎the Centre chaired by H.E. Sheikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa.‎
The third session of the ARCWH advisory Committee is scheduled for December 2015 ‎at ‎the Arab ‎Regional Centre ‎Headquarters in Manama.‎‎
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